‘Visits in real-time’ showing activity but ‘Visits Over Time’ dropped to 0

I do see activity under ‘Visits in real-time’ but the number of visits in the ‘Visits Over Time’ graph has dropped to 0. We had moved Matomo to a new server recently, and I realized the cronjob to archive reports wasn’t running. I manually ran the archiving which didn’t bring up any errors, yet the visits are still at 0.

System check seems fine. I have also just updated to 4.16.0 without issues.

Is there anything I can do?

Setting up the cron job seems to have fixed the issue for all visits from the point in time on when we had activated the cron job.

Is there any way to restore/generate the historic visits for the days between the server move and setting up the reporting cron job?

Hi @jeron
Do you have raw data for days where activity dropped to 0?