Visits evolution on H hour

(Alain) #1

The new main page of Piwik 0.6.2, showing several sites is great, thank’s à lot !

One thing I find it would be useful is to show the evolution of the visits at the same hour on D day also as on tthe days before. Now, at 8am, i show a decrease from 80% regarding the day before (as example), just because the among used for the day before is for the full day and not at 8am.

I think that the real datas I would use for this evolution is at the same time for the whole curve.

I searched on piwik if something has already ben asked about this, but I didn’t really know on which keewords I had to look.


The multisite page was already awaillable as a plugin.

Hour per hour reports would multiply data in the archives by 24 (i think).
This should be done as a plugin so that only people who need it activate it.
I dont need it because i generally receive less than 50 visits on any given site and sometimes I reveive 0 visits several days in a row on some sites. Sometimes even an whole month.

I think Piwik should not forget “smalls users” when adressing stuff bigs users need.


Abach - Im with you on “evolution” issue. It should compare the same date/time range.
Has someone wrote such plugin already ?