Visits being monitored but not recorded

I don’t know what has changed. But as you can see in the screen shot, we are recording visits to the website, but they are not getting recorded. The graph shows no visits for the last few days, but at the right you can see real-time reporting of the visits:

Why are visits not being recorded?

I might have solved the problem. The System Check was telling me that the archiving had not be run, so I speculated that the missing data was because I had turned off archiving and instead was going to use the cron job for archiving. Unfortunately, the crontab has not been updated due to communication with my sysadmin that has not happened yet.

So I decided to run the archiving manually using the suggested command. After that, the missing date is now once again showing up.

So I think this issue is probably resolved.

There is one issue reported in the archive output:

Warning - copy(/var/www/rephunter/www/matomo/misc/DBIP-City.mmdb): failed to open stream: Permission denied