"visits are ignored by Piwik" but they are NOT ignored

“visits are ignored by Piwik” but they are NOT ignored
this happened today first time in my life
i use piwik for about 10 years


Can you please provide more details on what you are doing, what you are expecting to happen and what is happening?

Are u ok?

I expect my visits are ignored ()

But they are not ignored

i use piwik for many years
never happened like this


I’m fine, thanks.

There have recently been a few changes in Chrome on how cookies are handled which are supported in Matomo 3.13.3. So please make sure that you are using the latest version.

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I have found the problem.
It is my fault.
I have used the same Tracking code (ID: 1) on different sites without adding these site to the list (Manage Websites > Add a new website red button).


Thank you very much for your help!

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