Visits and days to conversion not working

I started using a week ago the tracking submission using java code, due to the needs of tracking informations in a more precise way.
The original problem was that goal tracking and event tracking was not working properly I think due to the adblockers and other matters that make the tracking unreliable.

At the moment I have a more reliable solution sending all the informations from my java backend. Everything works great, but the matter of tracking the user activity.
The scenarios are the following:
1 javascript tracking on website [domain.tld] from [stats.otherdomain.tld]
All the details are ok, but the number of tracked events, which makes data useless, as I know the behaviour, but don’t know the exact amount
2 java code tracking in the endpoints where I want to track the behaviour
All the data is OK unless piwik has answering problems (aka the server answers slowly, but that’s not a piwik problem), but we do not have any kind of information about the progress of the user in the website.
It mainly means that we do have events done ALL in the first day and in the first visit… How to change that?