Visitors Overview not updating

i have auto-updated matomo to the latest stable version a few days ago. But recently the visitors overview is not updating when i request the data for october (1. - 31.)
The number is not updating for more than a day now (cronjob had updated every 600 secs (now 3600 secs as recommendes).
Could anybody please tell me on how to fix this (as i need the statistical data for our report).

Edit: visits from 1.-31.10.2019 (whole month) is 167.708.
but visits from 1.-30.10.2019 (month minus last day) is 166.457 (difference = 1251 visits).
For 31.10.2019 matomo shows me 5.557 visits (not 1251).

It is still not updating the “visitors overview”.
The daily visitors seem to be correct… but the overview for a month is clearly wrong… it does not fit the daily visitors…
I would really appreciate some help with this!
Edit: The numbers have changed in the last days… now it seems correct… but i still wonder how this could happen…

is there no solution available?
The number in the widget “visitors overview” is only updating every x days… but not like any 10 minutes (like before).
Where is the bug?
Two things have changed: The version of matomo and the number of visitors (increased from about 140.000 to 170.000 in the last few weeks)


Can you make sure the archiving cron job is running regularly and successfully?

yes, the cronjob is working and i also tried to manually call it but with no effects!

I have now exported the data for october as CSV and opened it in OpenOffice Calc where i did a SUM() on all visitors. This data for october is the same in Matomo and OpenOffice Calc.

But if i export the data between 8.10. and 7.11 (last 31 days) as CSV and open it in OpenOffice Calc i get a total amount of 180.804 visitors while matomo shows me 160.160 visitors in the visitors overview widget.

Is my website too big for matomo?

I would really appreciate some help with this!

This shouldn’t happen, please check you’re using latest version of Matomo and if you still have the issue, create a bug report: The Core Team Workflow: DevelopInDepth - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

I just updated to 3.13.0. Still the same problem.
If i export the data as CSV i have >205.000 visits.
Matomo shows in the visitors overview panel only “186,26” visits

Discussion continued in Wrong data in visitors overview over time · Issue #15170 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

i just wanted to tell that this is still not working even though the bug tracker has been closed.
Matomo shows me 172,198 visits in the frontend, but when i export the data and count it in Word it shows 208265 visits.


The PR that fixes this issue ( is scheduled for 3.13.1 which should be released soon.

i just installed 3.13.1 (thanks!) and i wonder if it is possible to recalculate the incorrect data from the past months?