Visitors not counted after switching to php 8

We switched to php 8 in our server and Matomo doesn’t count visitors anymore.

I got a number of those warnings when clicking on a custom alert link saying Unique visitors decreased to 0, and I wonder if this is the cause.

WARNING: /plugins/Actions/VisitorDetails.php(156): Deprecated - stripos(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($haystack) of type string is deprecated - Matomo 4.6.2 - Please report this message in the Matomo forums: (please do a search first as it might have been reported already) (Module: Live, Action: getLastVisitsDetails, In CLI mode: false)

I know that PHP 8 is a subject in Matomo developments…
Which version of Matomo do you use?
I advise you to migrate to the last version…

i’m using Matomo 4.6.2 which is the latest

OK, the issue has already been reported:

i see… thanks, let’s wait for a fix

Answer at GitHub:

That should have been fixed here:

I guess meanwhile most issues should be sorted out. At least those that were reported here or I was able to find when running the tests on PHP 8.1. There might still be some issues in third party libs we are using, but most of them published updates as well.

will the github fix be part of an official release? I update Matomo through the dashboard but if will not be part of a release in short term I will ask a programmer to manage this

It seems Release 4.7.0-rc1 · matomo-org/matomo ( integrates the fix…

The 4.7.0 official release should be published before the end of the month…

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I’m running Matomo 4.9.1 and when I use PHP 8 or 8.1 visitors are not getting tracked and I get a console error. When I downgrade the server to PHP 7.4 things are tracking fine.

Dedicated post for your issue:

Philippe it appears the the problem was ignore_user was disabled in my server set up once it was enabled PHP8.1 began tracking properly.