Visitors logged into database but not showing up on Piwik Pges


I’ve followed all the instructions on the trouble shooting page, but they don’t seem to detail my problem.

I have a fresh install of Piwik (0.6.2) that is showing visitor data in the database but the stats pages in Piwik are showing 0 visitors.

I have several sites set up in Piwik all with data in the database but 0 visitors.

There are no error messages coming up in Piwik.

Can anyone suggest what may be going wrong?



Are the timezones correctly detected / setup ?

Good morning

All timezones are set up for London (I’m in the UK). I have checked my Piwik site this morning and still no data showing for either today or yesterday.

If you have any other suggestions I’d really appreciate it.

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Any one else have any suggestions?

I can see the data increasing in the database (I’ve enabled the Database Usage plugin) but stats for all three sites are still showing as 0 for the last three days within the Piwik interface.



I’ve same problem with multiple sites since v0.6.1rc1:

Piwik collects data but, it does not analyze.

It claims “no data available”. This is simply wrong - data are in database and available.

cu, diri

You could try reprocessing all your data:

  • Delete all the archive_* tables
  • Run either archiving in browser or for a larger database misc/cron/


  • This is on your own risk, backup your database before attempting this!
  • This obviously requires that you did not purge your log_ tables before.

I’ve seen exactly this over and over again.

I can reproduce it doing the following:

Click the visitors > overview causes 0s to show.

Clicking the calendar and selecting the date (even the same date) shows data.

Clicking overview again causes zeros to appear.

Deleted and re-processed archives; no change.

All timezone settings appear correct. SQL SELECT NOW() reports current time, PHP TZ is set, and website time zone is set.

Please send a PM with your bug description, piwik URL and pwd, and possibly phpmyadmin access to piwik tables? I’ll take a look . Thank you!

I just installed .7 and have the exact same issue. It works if I specifically click on a date.