Visitors IP adresses


I use the AnonymizeIP plugin with

ip_address_mask_length = 1

In the Live Visitors view I can see the anonymized the ip of every visitor (last is .0).

But I’m wondering where are the visitors ip’s stored in the mysql db?
Which table? Which field? Because I can’t find such ip adresses I can see in the Live Visitors view in piwik admin backend…


Hello Heart
It’s in the table “log_visit” (if you specified a table name prefix when installing piwik, the name of the table is “yourprefix_log_visit”) in the field “location_ip”. They somehow squeeze the four IP bytes into one long integer.

Ah… thanks!

Searched a little more here and found that the ip is stored in the mysql db as integer with


To get the IP from that integer I have to do it like


Hi Heart,

How do you do to see the Visitors’s IP in the Visitors views ? (I don’t have LIVE. I just have Overview, Settings, …).
Of course I am logged as Superuser, I have Piwik 0.5.5 and I can see the visitor’s IP in the XXX_log_visit table in the DB (it is stored as a bigint(20) unsigned, and to get it from PHP ->

echo long2ip(XXXXX)


Thank you all of you and specially the team !

Ho I am sorry… As newbie, I am… a Newbie !

I found out…

Ok, so LIVE is a plugin that needs to be activated in Settings/Plugins/Live…

then we can see in Visitors/Visitor Log what we want.

Thank you anyway and sorry !