Visitors in Realtime, pagination Yes or no?


as you are busy with the next release here is a small problem.

Piwik 1.1.1
Dashboard > Visitors in Realtime
The visitors are shown top to bottom current time to older time. All is fine.

At the bottom of the list is a small blue arrow. Is this suppose to go to the next page ?
In my case it is not working.
And I know for sure that I have more entries then shown. When opening “View detailed visitor log” I get all the entries from the day chosen.

In the status bar of my browser when hovering over the blue arrow I get

Well I guess it just means that you have activated the “real time mode”. try stopping it by clicking the button left (pause) and the try restarting it by clicking the blue arrow.
The javascriptvoid thing I have myself and is probably OK because at the moment you run real time mode, there is no javscript to execut, as it is running already

I never looked it at that way. :wink:

Just counted the entries shown. As I have 3 sites I was able to compare it and my count is 10 at the most, everytime.
Do you have also 10 entries ?

I really thought it would be bring me to the next page (list) of the current visits.

Thank you for the explanation.

Yes, I have 10 as well. Maybe the layout could be a bit clearer. Usually it is the other way round, isnt it?
So when real time mode is running, the PAUSE sign should be blue and when you pause the PLAY sign should be blue…?:smiley:

Yes in deed ! >:D<