Visitors city in location map:S

Hi! please say how to get the visitors city in location map:S what are all the plugins needed to get the exact city of the visitor to display in map…

thanks in advance…

This is not yet possible, but the developers are working on providing a more detailed world map view. Right now you will have to live with the country based world map.

This is on the 2.0 milestone. Great work from Greg (Open Source SVG Map to show cities and regions · Issue #1652 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub) The map will be in svg and no more in flash.

We need YOUR help! We are running a crowd funding campaign to raise funds to implement the detailed Visitors Maps of Countries, Regions and Cities (for all countries)!

These maps will be beautiful, usable, and built using open standards SVG+JS. They will show detailed visitor count, conversion rates, by Country but also (New!) by city and region.

Pledge now at:

There will be no more flash in Piwik and we will add amazing new Maps of your visitors.

Piwik needs you!

this will be an awesome tools for me or any other site owner.Please provide the download link