Visitor profile always shows 1 visit


In our ecommerce Log, when we check the visitor profile of our customers, in 95% of the case, we only see one visit.

I know for a fact that they are not visiting us for the first time :

• Most of our customers need several visits before they actually order (based on our analytics data).
• The source of traffic is often “direct entry”, which I think also show they are not visiting our shop for the first time.
• Within the last 2 months (since we installed Matomo), we only had 2 orders coming from a returning customer).
• When I check the visit log filtering the IP of a customer who ordered, I always find several visits. I know IP aren’t always a good indicator, but I did the test for quite a lot of them, and the result is always the same : I can find more than recent 1 visit.

We tried the multi attribution plugin to solve this issue, but we still only see one visit per user.

Any Idea how to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance !

How do you track? (MTM, JavaScript API, server logs, etc.)
How do you manage tracking consent?

I’m not exactly sure as I’m not from the dev team.
From what I know, we use our own server, so we can gather data without consent.

Without knowing the tracking solution, it will be difficult to help… :thinking:

Hello, thanks for trying to help me on this :slight_smile:

So I asked my colleague, and we are using the Javascript API, and we use the consent free version of Matomo

Which version of Matomo do you use? (I know that one previous version of Matomo had a problem with consent implementation…)

We started to use Matomo 2 months ago with version 4.12.3, and then we made the updatee to version 4.13.0 in December