Visitor profile Actions only shows same day plus IP address not showing complete

So I’m having an issue. I have goals setup, and they are being tracked perfectly when a visitor converts the goal. When I view the profile of all my visitors (seperatly of corse) each visitor profile only shows the actions for that one day.

Even regular visitors, it only shows the action they took in that given day. When I was on a previous server, it would show me visits and actions the user did on multiple days they visited my site.

I installed GeoIP and every visitors IP address shows as ex) or

It’s always .0.0 , the whole ip is not showing. Could this be the issue perhaps ? It cannot recognize the users ip so it can’t put all the actions on the same profile ??? Please help. Thank you.

Hi there, can you post some screenshots showing the issue? Also make sure you’re using our latest release.

Yes I am using your latest software and I’m meticulous on updating. using 2.16.0 … What I’m doing is filtering all my visitors that achieved goal = a certain page. and between 1 month range. So my thought is it should show the visitors that turned into a sale, which it is, but then , what they have done since their first visit even before they converted into the sale, and even after they converted. The issue is all the profile shows is 1 day only. It will not show me previous days visits in 1 profile. btw the images attached are two separate customers. Just showing you what happened with even the other guy. I know he clicked back to land on the same page and converted the goal 3 times, thats not the issue, just curious why out of 300 customers of mine none are showing more than 1 day in view profile of the user. Thank you.

When you say you are “Filtering” do you mean you are applying a segment?

If you are please leave a comment in this related issue: When opening the visitor profile, the Segment is applied, which can cause the Visitor Profile to be incomplete · Issue #9893 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

yes a segment that converted a goal.