Visitor logs empty

Ever since I started using the Live Visitors! widget on my Dashboard, the Live Visitors panel hasn’t updated. Clicking the View Detailed Visitor Log link at the bottom of the widget doesn’t seem to update the data for Live Visitors. I’m running Piwik 0.8.


Likewise for me for Visitor Log for Month shows ‘There is no data for this report.’ when it was showing the day before and prior.

I’m trying to decide whether to cancel a stats subscription in place of Piwik which I installed last week, but this issue is major and puzzling.

Hopefully, the bugs in this software (there are a couple e.g. Last Visits graph: Displaying Graphs in Piwik requires Flash >= 9.0.0.) is resolved.


This years old problem is still around in version 1.11. Clicking the returning visitor icon in the “Visitors in Real-Time” widget always yields a “There is no data for this report” message even though several visits from the same IP/browser/OS combination are visible in the widget.
This is very annoying.