Visitor Log Showing Limited Info Since 1.9.1

Hey there, we recently upgraded to 1.9.1 and since then when I click on Visitors --> Visitor Log, it seems to only show the last 40 visitors or so. Beyond that, it says “there is no data for this report”.

Before upgrading, we always used to be able to view that last several hundred visitors.

I have looked through the Settings and can’t find anything that would be restricting the recording of visitors or anything - does anyone know what could be causing this? All other stats seem to be recording and showing fine, it’s just this report that is now not reporting properly…


If you select “Week” or “month” you should now be able to see all your last visitors?

This is the same problem as I have here: 301 Moved Permanently

Hi Matt, no that doesn’t help. I can see stats for the whole week/month everywhere but in the Visitors Log. In the visitors log it will only show the last 40 visitors, then it says “there is no data for this report”.

All other sites I have that are still on 1.9.0 (same server) work fine, it’s just this 1 site that has been upgraded to 1.9.1 that has stopped working…

Same problem as Alex has posted.


Ok please upgrade to wher ethis should be fixed?

Matt, are you able to point us to an explanation of how to update our installation to that build, for non-technical users. I’ve only ever upgraded automatically via the big orange box!

Thanks! Yes that patch fixed it.

Alex, you just need to unzip it and then upload it over the top of your current piwik installation, that’s it.