Visitor log show more results bug in 2.02


I upgraded to 2.02 and have been playing around with it. Excited to get it all up and running properly and maybe even getting customer data from magento in the visitor profile! may have this developed soon
Anyway When I go to the Visitor Log and either hit “Next” to show more results or change dropdown from 20 results to something greater I get the following. See screenshot. Anyone else seeing this?

what version of PHP do you use? can you try update? This seems to work fine but I know some particular php version has bugs causing this

Hi Matt,

We are using 5.3.28

Do you see the same in all browsers? can you try change the php version ie 5.4 ?

Matt, I’m not willing to upgrade to 5.4 since our Magento install doesn’t officially support it
This issue happens in all browsers and all reports

Is it the only issue you see in Piwik? can you maybe PM me this post url + piwik url + login/pwd so I can reproduce problem?

Tate i have seen 4 issues that were related to 5.2.8 that all they did was update to 5.3.3 and everything was ok.