Visitor Log is showing only one huge entry

Hi everyone,

I am a happy user of piwik and noticed a change since I embedded Piwik by using a proxy to bridge HTTPS -> HTTP connections. So my setup looks like this:

browser —(https)—> Nginx+Django --(http)—> PIWIK

Now, the problem is this:
The numbers of unique users that piwik is reporting seem much lower than previously.
When looking at the “Visitor Log” I can see one major entry with the IP of my Django server with 500 actions.

It seems that Piwik is not able to handle the redirect properly.

So my question is:

  • How do I best handle HTTP requests to piwik, when my web server runs on HTTPS?
  • Is there a setting to make Piwik look into the request headers, to find the “actual client IP”?


I don’t use Nginx so this is a stab in the dark.

First off, why not just use HTTPS with Piwik?

It looks like your Django is acting as a proxy. There is documemtation on the Piwik site on how to set it up with proxies. Other than that you would have to look at getting Nginx to pass the headers through. I know how to do that with Apache but have no idea with Nginx.