Visitor log entries problem for same browsing session in load balance environment

(Saqib Ali) #1


We have configured piwik on 2 web servers(IIS) having own piwik databases installed and one UI server having own database for viewing reports.These servers have circular replication in between them.There is implemented load balancing(layer 7 load balancers)environment for web servers to handle requests.
Load balancer has cookies enabled to handle same browsing sessions requests.
Also web servers databases are configured for auto increment id’s so that one db server will generate odd id’s and one will generate even id’s so that replication work well.

Problem Scenario:

First I stopped replication and send calls in load balancing environment.But I got some logging entries on one sever and some on other server for same visitor browsing session and when we enable replication and see visitor log report on UI server then combine report is showing logging entries in different rows for same visitor browsing session.

What end has problem,whether there is problem on web servers side end or on load balancer side.


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Load balancer sticky session has solved the problem.

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