Visitor Log - Day View Incorrect

Hello all,

After upgrading to 0.9, I noticed yesterday that the Day View of my Visitor Log is showing incorrect data. For instance, the Date Range 2010-08-12 (today) is showing data from yesterday (2010-08-11). To make things slightly more confusing for me, the data that is being shown from yesterday is not even complete. What I mean is, if I had 10 visitors yesterday, this day view is only showing 8 of 10 visits.

To state this issue differently, whenever I choose a single day to view in the Visitor Log, the results are about 90% of the visits from the day before. Strange.

Also, whenever I choose to view the entire month of August, all of the records appear appropriately…they just show incorrectly whenever I choose to view a single day.

FYI, I am using this instance of PIWIK for 7 websites and this issue is consistent across all the website’s Visitor Logs.

Help would be appreciated.

This is being investigated.

Good to know.
Looking forward for the new version. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif

I have same issue. My daily stats are out same as described here. I my case it is by the the same number of hours as my website’s UTC (in my case it is UTC -7 … so my stats are from 24 hour period shifted back by 7 hours). (I use Site Meter so I can compare results to verify)

If you are having same issue as described here, can you check if you are also experiencing this other issue?


At same time that my daily stats cut off, is when i can no longer see week, month and year totals. Seems suspiciously related …

If you also have both issues, perhaps you could post it on that other thread above?