Visitor Log "broken"

Since upgrading to 2.10.0 my Visitor Log has been “broken”, se attached file.

Everything else seems to function as normal.

Could you please have a look at the database table ‘option’ if the is an entry with the ‘option_name’ “viewDataTableParameters_admin_Live.getLastVisitsDetails” and paste the ‘option_value’ here.

I have two different installations with the same problem,

The first:


The second:


Hm. That seems normal.
There was once an similar issue where that entry looked something like


Please try removing that entry and cleaning the folder tmp\templates_c

Unfortunately, that didn´t solve it either, tried it on both installations.

Hm. Guess I need to pass then. I’ve currently no other idea why that could happen.
Maybe someone else is able to help. If not, maybe open an issue on github.

That´s alright. Thanks for the help anyway, SteveG! :slight_smile:


I have the same issue here, right after updating to 2.10.0 the visitors log looks like in the screenshot above.
Clearing tmp\templates_c did not help either.

Same here, after updating to 2.10.0
Clearing tmp\templates_c does nothing

Hi guys, thanks for the report! I created an issue in github: Visitor log may be displayed with many columns · Issue #6928 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

feel free to comment there or follow the progress

in the DB the
viewDataTableParameters_admin_Live.getLastVisitsDetails = {“filter_limit”:500,“filter_sort_column”:“idSite”} in the table “option”

I have the same problem as tiger

and with the datebase update it will nog be workig, i have change the datebase and user account in the sql update.

It looks that the old visisters log not vissble is, the last time i had change it with the url of a other account, but that is not possible

I have same problem after upgrade to 2.10.0 :frowning:

After upgrading from php version 5.3 to version 5.5 the visitors log is shown correctly again. I don´t know if the php version was the reason, but after migrating to a new server with the new php version (ans also an updated mysql version) the report looks perfect again.

broken since update to 2.10.0 here, too, and the option value is:


Does not help, i see the table. But not the old view as in the past

I’m experiencing the same problem with 2.10.0 — does anyone have a solution?

Hi guys, here is one solution that may work and restore the Visitor Log?

DELETE FROM piwik_option WHERE option_name LIKE '%Live.getLastVisitsDetails%';

We will implement proper fix for next release, see Visitor log may be displayed with many columns · Issue #6928 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

I have done “DELETE FROM piwik_option WHERE option_name LIKE ‘%Live.getLastVisitsDetails%’;” but it didn’t help
i also cleaned tmp/templates_c folder


same here, didn’t help me to.
Any other Ideas how to fix this?