Visitor Graph and Report stats are not coherent


I’ve got an issue with the “visitor” tab in Piwik.
After picking the current month, I do have a graph that is displayed with coherent values (Ex : 40 visits, 6 unique visitors).

Problem is : under this graph, there is a section called “Report”, with detailled informations listing count values.
Theses values are all displaying 0, or some random number that are not connected at all with the graph values displayed above.

I’m using these “Report” data in a website but they are not correct so I’m trying to figure out why it’s not coherent.

Thanks for you help.



It was a mistake because I was asking the request with period = month so … at the begining of a month, stats were low and yet I had a nice graph because it was considering the 30 last days …

Anyway it’s solved.