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Hi, I have just installed the tool and I am impressed.

One thing I have noticed is that, I have just searched for my site in Google and clicked on it (to see if the keyword was recorded) and it was; the trouble is that the visitor’s country is wrong.

I am from Canada and being recorded as US.

What is wrong? Any settings to tweak?


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Does anyone know why this may be happening?

Also I have noticed that the day too is wrong. The server is in the US so only a few hours away from where I live therefore there shouldn’t be 24hrs difference.

Finally, if I login into this forum from another PC the forum asks me (since it’s 1st time I log in) to provide the screen name and email; but once I do that it tells me there is someone else using this information (I know it’s me !!! ).

How do I login from another PC?

Thanks a lot…

(vipsoft) #3

Please update to Piwik 0.6. The timezone is configurable. (In previous versions, PHP and MySQL had to use the same timezone .)

As for Visitor Countries, please refer to