Visitor countries (map & list)

(LimaEasy) #1

Today I discovered an interesting difference between the Visitor countries map and the Visitor countries list (Piwik 0.8). First of all I have a Spanish keyboard and the language setting is ES. Piwik is in English. The map is completely in Spanish apart from the heading (displayed correctly in English). The listing for the visitor countries is completely in English (also all the countries).
The map also displays twice the country Switzerland (in Spanish Suiza) once on its real location, once instead of Sweden.

The Visitor countries “list” displays correctly Switzerland and Sweden with its visitors. I have attached some screenshots. I’m not sure if it is a translation error or some confusion with my particular settings…

(gka) #2

Thanks for the bug report. I think this must have something to do with the new metadata API. The map does only display the values it gets via xml. I’ll forward this issue to Matt