Visit count does not work correctly in Piwik 1.12


in the last weeks i noticed that visits aren’t properly counted by piwik. My site isn’t online yet so i can tell who is accessing it when. Yesterday evening i clicked around a lot on my site and i see a request in my apache access log (response code 200) for each site i clicked. However… the statistics do not seem to match:

sometimes not all of the pages are listed in the visitor log. If i start another browser (Firefox 21.0 in this case) and go to my website i see every click in the apache log but not even 1 entry in piwik’s visitor log.

Something is clearly wrong but i don’t understand why sometimes visits are counted and sometimes not. The php error log seems to be fine.

Has somebody an idea? I can provide apache access, error logs and piwik db exports if that helps…