Visit corrections


I’m currently injecting directly visits inside Piwik database using the Tracker API, then launch automaticaly for the period targeted to archive reports.

I’m working on very large traffic, so I’m following Ticket 5 with high attention. Indeed, keeping logs for more than one month is impossible in our case.

The problem: I will sometimes need to “correct” some Visits (delete or add) injected previously. I understand that it can be strange, but it’s unfortunately necessary in our use case (injecting from our databases that suffer regulations).

Supposing that I backuped logs (as anticipated in ticket 5) and imagining that I know what day is hitted by the modification, will it be possible to re-process reports for the all the days concerned ?

Yes you could, see some help in How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

but you would need full logs for 1 day to reprocess reports for that day

Thanks, but the problem will probably not really be for the day itself, but for the days concerned by the modification (that’s why I put the “s” in bold). My fault, I did not express myself properly.

In fact, I suppose that correcting visits for 1 day should impact other ones.

[size=small]for following examples, i use the DD/MM/YYYY notation.[/size]
Let’s suppose :
[li] I archived all data for all period (day - week - month - year) until today (from prehistory to 13/04/2011)
[/li][li] I have all backups (or pure logs) until today (from prehistory to 13/04/2011)
[/li][li] I have to correct some visits for the day 02/04/2011

I suppose that make a correction for that day will impact:
[li] day reports for 02/04/2011 (of course)
[/li][li] week reports for period 28/03/2011 to 03/04/2011
[/li][li] month reports for period 01/04/2011 to 31/04/2011
[/li][li] year reports for period 01/01/2011 to 31/12/2011

I don’t really know if week / month and year report must be computed from logs or can be computed from archives (of “day” type): that will determine the amount of backup I should keep. Can you enlighten me ?

PS: there is also the “date range” selection in the calendar, but I suppose that is based on days reports… ?

Only day reports are processed from logs, others are processed from the archives themselves. So yes, you will need to delete all reports containing this date as well.

Please create a ticket on trac for this feature, I can explain in more detils (and we can work on a patch)