Visible Piwik Counter?


Short question:

Is it possible to offer a visible piwik counter to my visitors?
At least the sum of all visitors till yet or even better something like the one i attached as sample picture.

Is this possible or is piwik meant to be invsible at all?

Thanks for helping.



(Short answer: use the API to build your own counters.)

hi vipsoft!

Thanks for answering. But i do not know much about API and how to do it on my own style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/sad.gif

Isnt there any “ready-to-use” solution implemented in a regular piwik installation?


Anyone can help, give hints or give links to solutions?


Noone can help?

Maybe anyone already scripted a visible counter for piwik?

Please help … thanks a lot!…&hl=counter

This won’t help me as i am a end user and not a programer.

But thanks anyway!