Viewing operating system version

I was just wondering if it’s possible to see not only what Operating System a specific visitor was using under the visitor log but also what version of that operating system they were running? Say for Mac, 10.9 or 10.8.


We use this library for our device detection GitHub - matomo-org/device-detector: The Universal Device Detection library will parse any User Agent and detect the browser, operating system, device used (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), brand and model.

Below the “Operating system” report click on the “related report” link

Thanks Matt. That report doesn’t seem to specify which version they are running though when it comes to Mac. It does for Windows, having XP, 7 and 8 separately but it seems all Mac visitors are under ‘Mac OS’. Is there any way to differentiate which version of OS X a Mac visitor was running?

I’m not sure about this. Please create an issue in our issue tracker, under the Milestone “Device detector”