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I’ve just discovered piwik two days ago, installed it and… It’s great!

There is one need that i’m not sure it allows right now: is it possible to view search engine bots visits to my website? I’d like to see their frequency per day. And how much urls they parse.

Thank you!


Most of them don’t execute the JS tracker code.

Maybe using the other tracking method, but it dont know how to implement it.

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On my todo list. (Piwik currently filters out known smartbots and inherently, excludes bots that don’t execute javascript.)


I just wrote a post in the german support about this subject:
Bots ignorieren

I filtered some more bots because I use only the PHP-API (my page is based on Ajax)

How about a plugin, that can filter different search engine bots.
There should be a Table with “Bot-Name”, “Keyword(s)”, “last visit” and “visit_count”, that can be edited by the user.
If one of the keywords is found in the user-agent, “last visit” and “visit_count” is updated, but it isn’t logged in the visitor-log. (maybe the last part can be configured by a parameter?) .

So every webmaster has a great overview, which bot visits how often his page, and this hits doesn’t distort the visitor-log.

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Yes, I think some would welcome such a plugin. I’m not sure what metrics are worth collecting though, as it can quickly become duplicative. For example, if you search the forum, I believe it has also been suggested that a bot plugin track which pages have been crawled and how many times.


The last two days I wrote my first Piwik-Plugin: BotTracker

It searches the UserAgent of a visitor for different keywords to check if it’s a SearchBot or something like that.
If the keyword is within the UserAgent, the timestamp is logged and the counter for that Bot is increased.
The visit will not be logged in the visitor-log.

All data is stored in an extra table calles “piwik_bot_db”.
The plugin comes with some pre-configured bots.

I also wrote a (very simple) widget do show the data of this table.

So far, so good. What still is missing is an widget do edit the table (add more bots, (de-)activate bots, change keywords, etc.) and some beta-testers.

What are the next steps? Open a ticket?

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Yes, open a ticket in Trac under “Third Party Plugins”. Describe what the plugin does, attach the plugin source, and optionally any screenshots.

Yes, a preconfigured list of bots is a good start. You can expand the list and extend the functionality after you’ve received some feedback.


There it is:


is it true ? may be if it is true it will be usefull, but is there visitor sum of this ?(:P)


Yes, it’s true.
Just follow the link to the Trac-ticket.

There ist an hit-sum for every bot so far, but there will be a complete bot-log (hits, visits and pages) in the future.


hi guys,

i used StatCounter until now, but it looks like PIWIK is much better! However, i still dont see info about search engine bots that are visiting my site :S

Are you still planning to develop such feature or am i just blind and dont see it?

Many thanks!

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currently, darkwing’s plugin is a separate download