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Hey, everyone. I have three similar pages on my site and visitors are randomly sent to one of those three pages. The goal for each page is the same: click on the banner on the page. (I’m trying to see which banner does best)

So I set up a goal and can see that 6.2% of my visitors achieved the goal, but I can’t figure out which page they came through. For example, did Page 1 get 10% and Page 2 get 3%? Is there a way to segment it out this way or should I approach it from a different angle?



Replying to myself… So I ended up setting up a campaign for each of the three links my visitors are randomly sent to. The three links look like this:

From what I understand, this will let me see performance of my task chair, and then each individual page - like what percentage of visitors reached my goal.

We’ll see how it works!

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

Using campaigns will not work well, because it only works if the page is the First used during the visit.
It works well for Email newsletter campaigns for example, but not much for other links.

Unfortunately we do not yet handle “Internal Campaigns” in Piwik.
See also a solution using custom variables: 301 Moved Permanently