View >Actions >Pages spammed by search engines and local copies

(thoro) #1

Is there a way to mask certain pages or folders from the view >Actions >Pages?

In my installation this view is completely spammed with entries like:

/search? (various entries)
/translate_c?hl=pl&langpair=en|pl&http: (various entries)
/cache.aspx?q=“test”&d=11324516661761 (various entries)
/showthread.php?p=123441 (various entries)
/file: (folder with subfolders and pages)
/page url not defined

I plan to use Piwik as an inhouse web analytics software and >Actions >Pages will be our main tool.
I’d like to get the data as clean as possible for my colleagues.

What I did now is that I added an ‘if ( window.location.hostname == ‘’ )’ to the
Piwik JavaScript on my site but I think the entries are from pages that were cached/saved before
so it would be better to handle this on my side.

I searched this forum but found no way to mask them either before or after they get into Piwik’s database.
Is this already possible or planned for the future?



(vipsoft) #2

You can strip these using JavaScript before calling the Piwik tracking code, or wait for to be implemented.

(thoro) #3

Thanks for the hint! I modified /js/piwik.js:

 * Log the page view / visit

function logPageView() {
    if ( (configHostsAlias == '') || (configHostsAlias == '') ) {
        var request = getRequest();
        request += '&action_name=' + escapeWrapper(configTitle); // refs #530;

        // encode custom data
        if (isDefined(configCustomData)) {
            request += '&data=' + escapeWrapper(stringify(configCustomData));

        request += executePluginMethod('log');
        getImage(request, configTrackerPause);

After compressing the file using “yuicompressor-2.4.2” I uploaded it to ‘/piwik.js’ on my webserver and flushed my Piwik database.

A crude approach but now I get clean results in >Actions >Pages.