Very limited data


I have just installed Piwik on my site as I want to move away from Google Analytics. I used the Softalicous installer provided by my host provider. Its a default install for the settings, and the tracking code appears to be correct according to the FAQ, but please take a look:

Basically it is telling me 1-2 visitors a day are coming to the site, but in fact the only IP address being recorded is my own. For now I still have GA installed - and I get a regular 50-100 visitors a day in those stats.

I did a System Check in the Admin area. It did show a couple of warnings but says it should be working. The warnings are on the ‘set_time_limit’ - saying that archiving may take longer than allowed for ‘high traffic sites’ which I can’t believe I would fall into. THe other warning is that I am not using a supported Geolocation provider - but this does not seem to be important.

Any help appreciated. I have read the FAQ but this does not solve anything for me.


(Stefan Giehl) #2

Your Piwik seems to be protected using .htaccess or something similar.
Some parts of Piwik needs to be public available in order to have the tracking working.
See 301 Moved Permanently