Vertical space - suggestion for fix

(hackaway) #1

When I place the code before the closing tag, as recommended, I got some vertical space added interfering with the layout of my page. Looking with firebug into the output, I found that piwik is putting out an img tag.

I suggest adding setting to margin and padding to 0, in line 110 of piwik.js:

So, line 110 (original):

document.writeln('<img src="'+_pk_src+'" alt="" style="border:0" />');

is replaced with:

document.writeln('<img src="'+_pk_src+'" alt="" style="border:0; margin:0; padding:0;" />');

That way we can make sure the javascript code is not interfering with the layout of the page.

(hackaway) #2

ok, I just found the 0.4RC3 release, and it seems it’s no longer an issue there.