Version 1.4 - "All Websites" - sort order compulsory set to "Visits"

My default view is the “All Websites” view. It’s where I do most monitoring.

Previously to version 1.4, I had the sort order as Website name (ascending). Since 1.4, the sort order defaults to Visits (descending) … and changing the sort order is not remembered in between page refreshes (manually or automatic refreshes).

In other words, if I set the sort order to be “Website name ascending” this is overridden by Piwik to “Visits descending” when the page is refreshed.

I propose that the correct functionality should be that the sort order chosen by the user is remembered in between page refreshes.

Best wishes,
Dean Richardson

Well, I’ve found that the code was changed to order the site list by descending number of visitors.

To put it back:-

  1. Edit plugins\MultiSites\Controller.php
  2. change line 19 from protected $orderBy = ‘visits’; to protected $orderBy = ‘names’;
  3. change line 20 from protected $order = ‘desc’; to protected $order = ‘asc’;

… unfortunately, the index.tpl still shows an “up arrow” on the Visits column because the parameter $evolutionBy is being used to initially set this appearance.

May look into this further at some point.