v1.2 Not Showing Screen Resolution

Resolution - Shows all as "unknown"
Wide Screen - Shows ALL as “Mobile”

This in spite in tests only one visit was mobile.

Browser correctly shown but did not show Android under Browser.

Screen shots attached.

Not sure if something wrong with my installation.

Check your server configuration’s max length for GET requests. Sounds like the request is being truncated.


i have the same problem with my installation v1.5.1.
I tell that problem my provider and he answer me that the LimitRequestLine on the apache has 8190 and that this are normaly enought…

what could i do??

EDIT: I think i have the problem/ mistake found shame.
I copy the tracking code in a separat file counter.js and include this one in my php File… now i copy the code direct to the php File and NOW it works :))