v1.13 not in ChangeLog


For reasons of php compatibility, I am having to go back to Piwik 1.x after having failed to get v2.x working. I see from the ChangeLog page that there is no v1.13, but the latest version of 1.x is 1.12.


I however recall seeing 1.13-a1 on the Piwik web site and did actually upload it to one of my sites. I am wondering if it was a beta release and/or why it can’t be downloaded again from this web site?

Is 1.12 really the best ‘older’ version to be using?

Thanks in advance!

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

What didn’t work for you in Piwik 2? we would like to help you so that Piwik 2 works perfectly for you. We haven’t yet failed to solve any issue so please let us help you :wink:


Hi Matt, thanks for posting on this thread.

My issue with Piwik 2 is that it requires a newer version of php compared with Piwik 1. My web host uses an older version of php - see the thread below for discussion of the issue. Other apps like OWS support a lower version of php, but then they don’t provide all the functionality I need.


Unless I am mistaken, unless you decide to support older versions of php in a future release - if this is technically possible without a major rewrite, then my only options are to use an older version of Piwik, e.g. 1.12, or to change web hosts (tied into a contract at present and also more difficult as have domain and hosting with same company). If the former, then I’m assuming 1.12 is the best of the version 1s to use? Thanks!

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

please ask your webhost to enable PHP 5.3 or older. If they are a professional host, they will accept, because older versions of PHP have security issues and should not be used.