Using/writing a privacy policy on a Piwik analyzed site


I’m thinking of adding Piwik to a site. I had sent the following questions to Piwik in an e-mail, and they suggested I post them on their forum. HEre goes:

Is it a necessity legally to add any sort of warning/policy/etc. somewhere on my site regarding the use of your service (or any web analytics)? If so, I’m having trouble coming up with language that is legally sound and won’t turn off any visitors.

I see that Piwik has kindly noted I may reuse its own privacy policy:


but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to adapt this. Does anyone have another example(s) you suggest I draw from in writing one? Is an opt-out link of some sort required? If I implement Piwik, I will most likely anonymize the IP addresses of my site’s visitors…

Does it matter where I place the privacy policy within the site? I was thinking of making a link to it in our contact page.

Does Piwik restrict how I present any privacy policy I use (including an opt-out link)? I’d prefer to customize it’s look/match my site’s appearance, rather than use the coding Piwik provided on its site. Is the check box thing for opting out necessary?

I’m new to this (obviously!). Thanks in advance…

It really depends on the country whether you have to provide a privacy policy or not - please contact a legal consultant over this matter!

You are free present the privacy policy in any way you see fit. Piwik does not restrict it.

The opt-out link sadly can’t be modified at this stage. There is however a ticket for it available in Trac: Allow to customize some CSS of optOut widget · Issue #1929 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


So we’re on the same page re the opt-out portion, you speaking of this?:


Am I understanding correctly that I can’t even duplicate that text myself in my own site’s particular style, and just use the code as is that pertains to the check box itself (and it’s associated functionality)?