Using use_third_party_id_cookie=1 together with QueuedTracking plugin


We’ve configured Piwik with QueuedTracking plugin and use_third_party_id_cookie=1.

The problem we see is that the third party tracking cookie is not being set to clients while QueuedTracking plugin is active. If we disable the plugin, the cookie is set fine.

The part of the code that sets the cookie is in Tracker/Visit.php:


And is only being called when queue is being processed issuing:

./console queuedtracking:process

But that does not make sense, as there is no client to set the cookie to!

I’m new to Piwik and I may be missing something, but is it possible to use use_third_party_id_cookie together with QueuedTracking?


Forget it, reading the documentaion for QueuedTracking plugin ( we see the following:

Anything related with Cookies won’t work