Using the no-footprint solution from FAQ #132

I would like to use the solution described here:

I am at the point where I create a new piwik.php, but I am confused.
Let’s assume my piwik installation is here:
and I want to monitor, for example,
#1 after steps 1-6, this version of the piwik.php goes into the root where my piwik installation is, right?
#2 then I go through step 7 and instead of, I have to enter the URL of the domain I want to track, namely A: Or does that still have to be the domain B: where I installed Piwik?
#3 after I have made the three changes (piwik.php instead of piwik.js, change the domain, delete the noscript part), I save this code in a file and copy the code to the html of the site(s) I want to track, instead of the old one.

Is this the correct solution? I am just wondering because with solution B:, the domain of my Piwik install would still be visible to the search engine?

Btw you should probably not use for both websites in your description - maybe change that to and to avoid confusion?

Since I am sending my vistors to my goal sites through a html redirect (go/goalsite.html) and the destination link is in the .html file which now looks like this:

logically I also have to replace that code accordingly (piwik.php instead of …js, insert instead of server site URL, delete noscript), is that correct?

I’ve updated the instructions at:

is it more clear now ? do you still have a question?

yes, that’s much clearer now.
About the “allow_url_fopen = On” line - I need to do this via php.ini. Is this for the server site, or for the tracked sites or for both?

Tracking is not working. I have now:
server site:
tracked site:

I have now done this:

uploaded php.ini with allow_url_fopen = On - both on server site and all tracked sites
uploaded the piwik.php, both to the server site (which I want to track as well) as well as on all tracked sites with the changed code as follows:
" // Edit the line below, and replace
52 // with your Piwik URL ending with a slash.
53 // This URL will never be revealed to visitors or search engines.
54 $PIWIK_URL = ‘’;
56 // Edit the line below, and replace xyz by the token_auth for the user “UserTrackingAPI"
57 // which you created when you followed instructions above.
58 $TOKEN_AUTH = ‘73e2be5d4b5428a41dc45739206706af’;”

(the above piwik.php should be the same for all tracked sites, right?)

Changed the HTML code in the footer of the tracked site to:


But the site is still not tracking. Same on 4 other sites where I installed the same files and changed the HTML code

In piwik.php, the line numbers of course are not in the code

Found one mistake I made in the code snippet for the html. Has to be of course, without the /piwik/ part since the piwik.php file is in the root.
Also, I changed the tracking of the server site so that the server site itself would be tracked in the normal way, and the tracking now works for that site.
All other sites are still not tracking. No idea what the problem is.

Any ideas why the tracking doesn’t work?