Using Referer Data to Post to Salesforce from a web form

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been answered in some way or if I have missed something, I have taken an hour or so to look around and work out if I can use Piwik for the purpose I need.

We have a lead generation form that directly posts to Salesforce. I need to automatically include “Lead Source” which would be equal to the original referer information of the visitor in the form so that it includes that when the lead is created in Salesforce. Essentially identifying if a lead is from Adwords, Bing Ads, Organic, Email or from social media.

I’m using Joomla as my web based CMS platform that has a web2lead form posting into Salesforce.

Is there any way to access the variables that hold this information to include them in a hidden field on the form before it posts?

I hope I’ve made this as clear as I can but if there are any questions or anyone has the answer then I’ll be checking back often, I just want to make sure I can accomplish this before I go through the installation and configuration phases and then find I’m at another dead end.

Cheers and thanks for your time in reading this!


Dear Stuart, yes it is possible. For this you can use the Piwik javascript object which is created in the page.

See: Tracking Campaigns – Analytics Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

So you can call for example

_paq.push([ function() { var campaign = this.getAttributionCampaignName(); }]);

Hi Matt,

Apologies but I’m just getting lost trying to accomplish this, for the record my JS skills are poor and while I understand some of the concepts I just don’t understand the language enough to know how to implement it!

I’d really like to accomplish this, or alternatively have a Goal Completion report that will show us conversions by hour including the campaign and referer name. I have setup all the tagging needed in our PPC campaigns but can’t seem to find a report that covers both “Conversions by server time” and includes the Referer/Campaign details.

If there is any chance you could give me a bit more detail on how to implement it or if you have the time to look then give me an idea on how much it would cost, I’m quite willing to pay for your expertise!



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