Using Piwik with NodeJS site

Hi all,

I’ve just launched a site that was built using NodeJS. I’m using the generated tracking script but no visits are being tracked. The only two things that have changed since the site went live are that it’s gone from PHP > Node and that I upgraded Piwik to 1.10.1.

I’m tracking other sites fine after upgrade so I’ve kinda ruled that out as an issue. I’m pretty sure it’s related to the face the site is powered by Node but I can’t figure out what the problem can be.

Is anyone else using Piwik on a Node site? Anyone any idea on where best to start trying to debug?



check error logs ? see also:

facepalm that would be a pretty good place to start!

There we go. piwik wasn’t defined as I’d tided up the script tags and had removed the closing of first tag / opening of second tag.

So heads up to others - whack a console.log(err) in the catch and bob’s your uncle. Thanks Matt for waking my brain up :smiley: