Using piwik tracking for sales but linking not to shop?


i want to use piwik to track facebook ads as follows.

ad on facebook f.w for television:

linking to a site:

on this site should be information concerning tv2012 and a link to a shop to order the tv f.e.

if somebody buys a tv…i want to see this sale in piwik.

i just need to see that sb from the facebook-tv-2012 campaign has ordered. not what and how much.

so i thought i only need to see if a visitor of campaign facebook-tv 2012 has visited the shops confirmation page f.e.

in the shop there is a php shopping script running, self made.

is this kind of tracking easy to setup or problematic because there are two different domains included in the sales-process.


I’m not 100% sure it will work, but it might. The only problem with this and the 2 domains are that cookies are not shared between domains.

When yo link from domainA to domainB also pass the piwik campaign parameter, this should help.

let us know how it goes and if it’s working! thanks

thanks matt

is there a possibilty to include a cookie in the link to domain a? any parameter i can to the url…

that would be a must have if i have no influense on the link from site a to b.


i have an affiliate programm running. s.b. does marketing for information on site b. so there must be the cookie installed when someone klicks on his advertsment to site a.

in case this peson clicks on the link to site b and places an order…i should be informed that this special affiliate has “triggered” a sale.

anyway to make this possible?