Using Piwik to attribute all referrers to a conversion


Sorry if this has been covered somewhere else.

I understand that the default is the last referer, and it can be changed to the first, but if over time there have been lets say 4 referers, can you attribute of of them?

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Not currently possible, maybe we implement this later

Good news, we have released a new feature for Marketing Channels Attribution Reporting. You can learn more about it here: Multi Channel Conversion Attribution - Analytics Platform - Piwik

Multi Channel Conversion Attribution, also known as Cross Channel Attribution, lets you assign a value to each visit prior to a conversion or prior to a sale. By default, Piwik lets you only know the referrer of the last non-direct visit when a conversion happens. However, in reality, multiple channels contribute to a conversion as a visitor often visits a website several times before they convert a goal. By applying different attribution models, you get a better view on which channels actually lead to a conversion. This helps you finding out where to spend your money best when acquiring visitors.

The premium plugin can be purchased here:

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