Using Piwik for application analytics... need API help

I have a web app that I’m thinking about to hooking up with piwik to track analytics. Basically, I have a bunch of user accounts, and for each user account, I want to log when the user triggers an AJAX interaction. For this, I was thinking about using the trackLink( url, linkType, customData ) Javascript method.

It would be something like trackLink(’/[user_id]/triggerAJAXWhatever’, ‘click’, null);

I want to then use the Piwik API to then pull this out so that, for a given time period (day / week / month, etc.) I can see the number of clicks and unique clicks for that specific URL.

Going through the API documentation, I didn’t see a method that allows me to get clicks / uniques for a specific URL and timeframe. Is that something that exists?

Is there a better way to do something like this using Piwik? I really want to take advantage of Piwik’s ability to track uniques vs. hits over an arbitrary time period, if at all possible.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

It would be much easier for me too if I can integrate it in my all in one software! would save me a bunch of time.

I went thru it in a several trails but most where failure

Jeff I think you’re going okey. I also have a web app and failure rate is too low. If anyone has a more suggestion related to this are welcome.

You ever figure this out? I’m looking to do something similar.