Using Piwik for App/in-App Tracking - any experiences?


we’re currently looking into Piwik as App/in-App Tracking tool via the API function (Java based), and I was curious if anyone around here already uses that feature, and can share some insight or recommendations on it?

We plan to use the system for ~ 3 Apps, each with about ~ 10 actions to track per app and about 10k users per day during the ramp-up, later growing to a deployment of about 100.000 users. It is planned that every user uses every app about 2-3 times a day.

I’ve already read the topic on high traffic webpage usage, but i’m having difficulties on transferring those numbers into in-App tracking.

Any thoughts?


See our blog post: How to track Mobile apps usage (clicks, phones, errors, etc.) or track software analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Piwik can track millions of actions per month.

Matt - thanks for the link. Is there maybe a known App out there which uses the features, to whose creator one could talk to in regards of exchanging experiences?

Yes we use this in PiwikMobile when anonymous tracker is enabled, it works very well!

Cool, wouldn’t that something that could be integrated into the Demo of Piwik, to show its in-App tracking capabilities?