Using php api instead of javascript or image

Recently I have started using Piwik for tracking visits to one of my websites. This seems to work fine. I am using Javascript embedded in a Drupal page, using a Drupal module. Now I would like to switch to the PHP API for tracking. There is some documentation at <Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo>, but there are a few things not clear to me.

Will I miss types of data that are available now? When using the PHP API for tracking, are all details that are available when using Javascript (browser type, accepted languages, etc) available?

Another thing, I can follow the how to on the page with documentation. As I would like to keep the tracking completely server-based and transparant to the visitor, I would like to use “method 2” at list point “4”. It’s not clear to me how the screen resolution tracking is supposed to work. Could someone explain this?

Thanks a lot in advance,

unless you manually set resolution, resolution will not be tracked as it requires the use of the Javascript tracking tag