Using ID info from a different site

I manage a group of three sites. One of them is a Wordpress membership site (we will call this site 1) where we get plenty of Login and userid activity. All of that info is being logged in matomo so I can see activity by email address. The other sites are a Wordpress site (Site 2) and a clickfunnels funnel site (site 3). Is it possible to use the userid information from site 1 to see who the users are on site 2 and 3 ? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Patrick_Allmond
If you use the same user ID (email address), you can use the userid information from site 1.

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Site 2 and 3 have zero userid information. Iā€™m hoping I can use the cookie information or something else unique from website 1.

Hi @Patrick_Allmond
I am not expert on WP. I think you have to write some code to do so.