Using a page scope custom variable, is there a way to make Actions -> Page titles show the same actions in Visitors -> Visitor Log?



I’m trying to get stats about a visitor journey just from a page scope custom variable. So I’ve recorded a piwik page scope custom variable against a page called “Go to financial records page”. Now when I hit the Actions -> ‘Page titles’ tab using the segmentation that only gets the piwik page scope custom variable I only get the page that was hit (i.e. “Go to financial records page”). See here (probably won’t load inside this post, have to click on the link): Dropbox - Error
However when I hit the Visitors -> ‘Visitor Log’ I get all the pages that were hit: Dropbox - Error

Is there anything that can be done to make whatever goes on behind the scenes in Actions -> ‘Page titles’ show the same thing as Visitors -> ‘Visitor Log’?

I know this can be resolved if I use a visit scope custom variable but I’ve hit the limit of 5 visitor scope custom variables. I know this can be increased but am not sure what effect this will have on performance, if any one has experience on this?