Users ID anonymisation - old data


I try to anonymise previous data of users ID.
It anonymises users ID, yes.
But only here: “Visits Log”
I have nothing anonymized in the tab “User IDs”

So it’s strange, is it normal ?

Thanks to you,


I am not 100% sure, but I think (if you are talking about anonymizing existing data) that this only affects the raw visitor_log, not the generated reports.

You would need to invalidate and regenerate the reports, but keep in mind that this is only possible if you still have all raw visitor logs and always make a backup beforehand.

Yes i’m talking about existing data.

Ok thanks for your reply
i’m going to regenerate reports

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Are you able to figure this out? I am having a same problem.
I am trying to anonymize previously tracked raw data , selected to “replace userID with a pseudonym”, selected the date range but when completed, it has randomly anonymize some userID but not all. 1/3rd of the userIDs are not anonymize.
Visits log looks okay but if i look under User IDs section, most of the users , i can still see thier userIds.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks !

We have the same problem as well. If you found a solution, please let us know! :blush:

@betinapbye, did you try the solution provided by Lukas?
What is the result?