Users Flow Case Question

(Luke) #1

In the Visitors–>Users Flow screen, I have two separate URLs under Interaction 1 that are the same but, because they have different cases, they show up as separate URLs. For example, one is “/providerportal” and the other is “/ProviderPortal.”

Is there any way to group those two into one since they are technically the same URL?

(Peterbo) #2

Not out of the box, because technically, they aren’t. Parts of an URL are case-sensitive. For the server, these are two different resources. it doesn’t matter if it is /xyz, /XYZ or /abc.

What you can do is to manually send a “canonical” URL for both of these pages. Therefore, you have to call this function with your custom URL before calling trackPageView:

_paq.push(['setCustomUrl', '']);

(Luke) #3

Thanks so much, Peterbo! Very helpful :slight_smile: