Users Flow Case Question

In the Visitors–>Users Flow screen, I have two separate URLs under Interaction 1 that are the same but, because they have different cases, they show up as separate URLs. For example, one is “/providerportal” and the other is “/ProviderPortal.”

Is there any way to group those two into one since they are technically the same URL?

Not out of the box, because technically, they aren’t. Parts of an URL are case-sensitive. For the server, these are two different resources. it doesn’t matter if it is /xyz, /XYZ or /abc.

What you can do is to manually send a “canonical” URL for both of these pages. Therefore, you have to call this function with your custom URL before calling trackPageView:

_paq.push(['setCustomUrl', '']);

Thanks so much, Peterbo! Very helpful :slight_smile:

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