User roles in more details

Hi all, I read the documentation about roles but didn’t find all I needed to know:

  • is the stuff that a “write user” creates (i.e. a goal) automatically visible to the other users that have any role for the same website? And if it doesn’t, is there a way to share it?
  • is there a complete list of what a “write user” or a “view user” can do? I mean, it was not clear to me that a “view user” could also create a segments, alerts, e-mail reports. According to the documentation (*), it seems that a “view user” could only view (and not create) things.

So, is there a matrix or something like that to better explain what a role can or can’t do?

(*) “The View role allows a user to see reports for a website. The Write role is the same as the View role, except the user can also create (and update and delete) a website’s Goals, Forms, Funnels, A/B tests, Heatmaps, Session Recordings, etc.